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 Impro supplies a broad range of precision components for industrial equipment used in the energy market customers.

Impro Industries: Capabilities for the Energy Sector

The energy industry faces some of the harshest working conditions in the economy. Energy workers operate with hazardous materials in often extreme climates. These demands, along with the energy market’s use of specialty material, has fueled much of the innovation behind Impro’s products.

Energy components must withstand temperature extremes and other environmental factors such as

  • Humidity and moisture
  • Dust, mud, oil, and solvents
  • Corrosive chemicals
  • Ultraviolet solar radiation
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Fire and explosions

Products and Services

Impro’s products and services can handle whatever the energy industry throws at them. Examples of our offerings include:

  • Critical surface treatment of nuclear power equipment components
  • Investment casting used in flame and gas detection systems for offshore oil drilling platforms
  • Precision-machined products integrated into well-testing and drilling equipment as well as oil/gas transportation systems
  • Critical sand casting for steering systems enduring harsh environmental conditions in solar power fields

Global Solutions

These are just some of the offerings on hand at Impro. Long trusted by a wide spectrum of customers, we provide a full suite of precision components for the energy industry that meet or exceed international standards as well as customer’s specific requirements.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we work out of a wide network of offices and manufacturing sites across Asia, Europe, and North America. This global presence enables us to work with companies of any scale. No matter your location, Impro can help you find the energy equipment component solution you need.

Please contact us to see how we can help maximize your business’s potential in the energy sector.

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