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Aerospace Components

Aerospace components often require the implementation of complex shapes and intricate details during the manufacturing process. They need to function reliably for long periods of time in stressful environments. As such, manufacturing aerospace components demands a great deal of precision and exceptional quality control.

Investment casting is a popular technique for manufacturing aerospace components. The underlying processes of investment casting remain the same though the parts themselves may differ widely in their designs. A variety of different metals and alloys may be used with the process as well. It is important to ensure that your investment casting service has considerable experience with investment casting to ensure they can create aerospace components with tight tolerances and excellent quality.

Benefits of Investment Casting for Aerospace Components

Investment casting is well-suited for the production of aerospace components for the following reasons:

  • Investment casting produces parts with the elaborate designs, thin walls, undercut holes, and slots that aerospace components frequently require.
  • Parts made with investment casting will have a superior surface finish, reducing or eliminating the need for secondary machining.
  • Investment casting produces parts of different sizes and weights.

At Impro Aerospace, we’re committed to meeting consistent reliability standards, cost constraints, and delivery schedules for our customers through relentless attention to detail and continuous improvements to our manufacturing methods. We provide on-site inspections and testing to ensure that our customers can rely on the quality and performance of the products we manufacture for use in their critical, demanding applications.

Our highly integrated business processes result in added value and cost savings for our customers through a reduction in procurement and logistics costs. Supplier costs are further reduced by eliminating the need to send representatives to perform quality inspections at multiple suppliers—instead, we can monitor a broad range of sources at a single location.

Precision Machining for the Aerospace Industry

Impro manufactures precision machining components such as housings, port caps, drive shafts, valve seats, flanges, adapters, and rod ends for the aerospace industry. These components are made from high-quality metals and manufactured with sophisticated CNC machines to achieve close tolerances and improve performance.

Impro uses the latest manufacturing technology to machine our precision components. In an industry that necessitates safety and reliability, the combination of advanced equipment and sophisticated process technologies ensure that our parts meet the industry’s exacting standards.

Impro Serving the Aerospace Industry

Impro manufactures aerospace components and provides solutions for all major airframes, including the Boeing 737, 777 and 787, the Airbus A320, A330, and A350, Gulfstream, and Embraer.

Our investment castings and precision machining components can be found in air and fuel systems, aircraft engines and engine management systems, hydraulic systems, flight control systems, environmental control systems, landing systems, and auxiliary power units.
We have extensive experience with investment casting and precision machining used for manufacturing valves, mounts, swirl nozzles, engine rings, and interior components for the aerospace industry.

Impro also manufactures components for the following aircraft systems:

  • Hydraulic fluid systems
  • Flight critical and safety systems
  • Exterior and interior sensor systems
  • Hydraulic fluid systems
  • Cargo systems
  • Motion control and actuation systems
  • Landing and braking systems
  • Flight control systems

Impro is a one-stop shop for all manufacturing related services for aerospace components. We are able to manufacture custom designed parts that meet the specific application needs of our customers. Our integrated business model incorporates all production steps from tooling design and fabrication to casting to secondary machining. In-house heat treatment and surface treatment for finish are also available.

We also offer value-added services such as prototype design and development. Impro supports our customers not only with the production of aerospace components, but also with continuous research and development, logistics, and supply chain management.

Impro provides the experience, excellence, quality, and cost-effective manufacturing resources necessary to successfully fabricate high-quality aerospace components. Our support for our potential customers begins with a free consultation on their requirements for aerospace components.
Contact us today to discuss how Impro Aerospace can support your aerospace operation.

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