Our facilities are located in countries around the world.
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Impro Aerospace manufactures and supplies products to the aerospace industry for a wide array of applications. Our investment castings and precision machining components are integrated into aircraft engines and engine management systems, hydraulics systems, air and fuel systems, flight control systems, environmental control systems, and landing systems. Our unique advantages to serve customers in this industry is our one-stop-shop solutions: our broad casting capabilities to include aluminum, stainless steel, and super alloy materials; our strong machining capabilities for providing machining finished castings and complex machining parts made out of bar stock, plates, billets or forgings.

Our products are used in almost all major airframes such as Boeing 737, 777, 787 and Airbus A320, A330, A350, and business jets such as Gulfstream and Embraer, where our customers are the key players in the programs.