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Surface Treatment

Impro in-house Nadcap-certified surface treatment processes provide high-quality surface treatment solutions for components of aerospace, energy, and medical applications. The processes are critical to ensure a safe and reliable function where a part failure could bring disastrous consequences. Our internal expertise and robust process control allows us to provide one-stop-shop solutions to our customers for their component outsourcing needs.


Process Name Specification
Anodizing MIL A 8625 TYPE I ,II,III;
AMS 2470; AMS 2469; AM S2471
Chemical Conversion Coating MIL DTL 5541; AMS 2473
Passivation AMS QQ P 35;
AMS 2700; ASTM A967
Chrome Plating AMS QQ C 320; AMS 2460
Cadmium plating AMS-QQ-P-416
Zinc-nickel plating AMS 2417
Stress and Embrittlement Relief BPS4620
Etch Prior to FPI BPS4119
Painting CPW 20; MIL PRF 85285;
HPS 1010
Dry Film BPS4528; EMS52402
Abrasive Resistance Test ASTM D 4060
Adhesion Test ASTM B 571
Salt Spray Testing ASTM B 117
Film weight Test ASTM B 137