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Heat Treatment

Impro in-house Nadcap-certified heat treatment processes ensure components meet high dimensional accuracy and stringent strength and fatigue property requirements for aerospace , energy, and medical applications. Heat treating is an essential step in the production process to meet customer specification and requirements. Having all processes under our own control , we not only ensure product quality but also shorten overall lead time for our products.


Process ClassificationSpecificationMaterial list
Vaccum Gas Cooling heat treatment
Homogenize, Solution, Annealing,Hardening (Austenitizing and Quenching)
AMS2759/2, AMS2759/3, AMS2759/4, AMS2759/5, AMS2774, AMS-H-687517-4PH, 15-5PH, 17-7PH, 13-8Mo, 347, M50, 440C, 431, INCONEL718, CoCrMo, Haynes Alloy, UNS K94840,etc.
Vaccum Oil Cooling Heat treatment
Hardening (Austenitizing and Quenching)
AMS2759/1,AMS2759/2,AMS-H-687552100, 135M, 4140, 4130, 4340, etc.
Aluminium Alloy heat treatment
Solution, Aging
AMS2771, AMS2770C355, A356, A357, 2024, 6061, 7075, etc.
Gas nitriding treatmentAMS2759/6, PS-2203, BPS4646135M, 42CrMo, 17-4PH, etc.
Cold Stabilization, RefrigerateBPS4602, AMS 2759/5, AMS 2759/2440C, 52100, etc.
Stress RelievingBPS4620, AMS 2759/11135M, 440C, 52100, etc.
Tempering and AgingAMS2759/1, AMS2759/2, AMS2759/317-4PH, 15-5PH, 17-7PH, 13-8Mo, M50, 440C, 4140, etc.
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