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Non-destructive Testing(NDT)/Laboratory Testing

Impro Aerospace has a full-service and Nadcap-certified laboratory for chemical and mechanical property testing. In addition, we are equipped with the start-of-the-art facilities for various Nadcap-certified Non-Destructive testing services. Having such capabilities and processes in house is very critical to ensure product internal quality as components for aerospace and energy applications generally carry very high loads relative to their material strength, and detection of even tiny flaws in part internal structure and material composition can avoid catastrophic consequences.

Our highly experienced engineers, chemists, and technicians are qualified and accredited to international standards, who perform a wide-range of non-destructive and laboratory testing services.

Process Name Specification
X-Ray ASTM E 1742
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection ASTM E 1417
Magnetic Particle Inspection ASTM E 1444

X-Ray: both digital and film, radiation wall thickness up to 70mm

Process Name Specification
Tensile Testing ASTM E 8 & B 557
Chemical Analysis -OES ASTM E 415 & E 1086 & E 1251
Nitrogen Content Analysis ASTM E 1019
Rockwell Hardness ASTM E 18
Brinell Hardness ASTM E 10
Intergranular Attack ASTM A 262
Micro Hardness ASTM E384